What we do

       The Company produces a varied portfolio of hand pulled lollipops, crystal lollipops, marshmallow lollipops and handmade candy canes.
       All our candies are made with only the finest natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and cooked in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Our candies are not cooked with steam, the "cooking on direct fire" is our traditional and most valuable production method, which preserves and enhances flavour and taste.
       Our candies are available in a large variety of flavours. Not just traditional colour combinations are available, any kind of colour combinations are available for our customers.
       Our lollipops and candy canes are individually handcrafted and each item is hand wrapped very carefully with the best packaging material. With this we prevent damage of goods during delivery.
       ARTESANS del SUCRE offers at present up to 50 three-dimensional shapes, six different tray display platforms, a variety of wall displays and bulk production. Our products are created for all the days and all the different seasons.
       The company offers a large variety of formats to commemorate Valentine's Day, Carnival, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.
       The company also offers product customization for minimum volume orders of 10,000 units.